Sunday, August 21, 2011

People of Glendale!

Just some experiences from the past few weeks from all over the area:

I had just left my apartment and this lil buggy pulled up next to me at the red-light.
I swear that whole car was the length of my car's hood. And it's even more terrifying to think this merged onto the highway and took off into the night.

Here's how it felt looking at him:
His license plate related to always going 90 mph.....

He was very intent on not spilling a single drop of his coffee as he made his way to the safety of a sturdy table in the corner of the shop I was drawing at. Nothing was about to distract him.

Last weekend, I was making my way over to my apartment's on-site laundry facility. This involves crossing the bbq/pool area. As I was heading over, I suddenly looked to my right and this random lady was seated in the bbq area completely alone(no one was in the pool either) and without saying a word, gave me this GIANT, creepy soul-piercing smile:
I was a little hesitant to make another trip to pick-up my stuff. An hour later I took a slightly different route over and instead of seeing that woman I passed by mini-batman:
He was a much welcome relief. And I should say that the woman was gone the next time I passed by the bbq. Creepy!

Severe Zoo Catch-up

Still venturing out to the zoo every weekend or so. Here are some studies from the past several weeks:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day Two: Pelagic Thresher

Fun fact I learned while researching these guys: They use those crazy whip-like tails to stun prey!

Monday, August 1, 2011


My favorite yearly tradition is back! It's SHARK WEEK and so begins a week of shark drawing....started by CalArts' very own shark-wrangler, Kristen Campbell. Loads of fun and I encourage ya'll to join in. Head on over to this here blog for all the artwork your own pair of "dolls' eyes" can possibly feast on.

Today is all about the hammerhead shark:

Stanley the not-so-hammerheaded shark (puffer fish). His older "brother" never did enjoy family portrait time.

I really want to animate Stanley now. Just so delightfully top-heavy. haha

Bonus Hammerheads...drawn while waiting for programs to reboot, or for renders to come back. Anytime is a good time for drawin' sharks!