Friday, April 19, 2013


Back in December, I took the plunge and adopted a cat. Owning a cat has been on my mind since I graduated and after moving to a new apartment, I visited a local shelter and spotted this itty-bitty puff:

Now a couple months later. Raider is no longer a puff, but a 10 pound gangly goofball: 
He's been the best bud to have around. Plays fetch, hangs upside down off of anything, rolls over for belly rubs and is always stalking me and making the morning/evening feeding routines for both my parrot and him highly entertaining:
 Legs make for especially great prey. Raider has the habit of hiding behind corners and pouncing on me when I pass.

 And just some more doodles of the spaz. He's a pro at tail-hunting.