Sunday, May 25, 2014

People Drawing: Disneyland Edition

Went drawing at Disneyland. First real drawing trip of any kind in a few months. Very inspiring trip. Anyways, here's to more updates featuring some of the finest from the Happiest Place on Earth.

First page featuring an interesting choice of selfie, a very sunburnt pin-collector, and a napping woman who was woken up by a marching band 5 minutes after I drew this. She wasn't thrilled to say the least. haha

Next page: a guy who could have walked straight off of Haunted Mansion, a leopard-clad lollipop licking graduate, and a princess in training.

5pm onward is an especially fantastic time to sit on Main Street and draw. I started focusing on the shut-down tired kids and how the parents were left to deal with their little ones. Lots of variety. Some even slept through a parade(the girl with the Stitch backpack) that was following behind them.