Sunday, May 25, 2014

People Drawing: Disneyland Edition

Went drawing at Disneyland. First real drawing trip of any kind in a few months. Very inspiring trip. Anyways, here's to more updates featuring some of the finest from the Happiest Place on Earth.

First page featuring an interesting choice of selfie, a very sunburnt pin-collector, and a napping woman who was woken up by a marching band 5 minutes after I drew this. She wasn't thrilled to say the least. haha

Next page: a guy who could have walked straight off of Haunted Mansion, a leopard-clad lollipop licking graduate, and a princess in training.

5pm onward is an especially fantastic time to sit on Main Street and draw. I started focusing on the shut-down tired kids and how the parents were left to deal with their little ones. Lots of variety. Some even slept through a parade(the girl with the Stitch backpack) that was following behind them.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Croods DVD!

Today is the release day for the DVD for “The Croods!” In honor of the occasion, I thought it’d be fun to share the following video. A while back I had to opportunity to talk about my experience working on the film. To help breakdown what it’s like being an animator, I talked about the process of how an animated shot comes together. I included thumbnails that I drew for various shots(like the ones shown here) and I also edited a reel together of some of the reference I used for shot-based inspiration for “The Croods.”  Some was more loosely followed (more for an impression), others I stayed truer too. It really came down to what the shot called for. This is just a small percentage of the reference I collected over the course of production.

So enjoy and go out and buy the DVD--- everyone’s favorite Croodaceous family is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and even the local grocery stores! It even looks like you can own Belt in special combo packages.

Monday, August 5, 2013


It's that time of year again, break out the drawing tools cause it's Shark Week!  Started by Kristen, everyday a specific species is selected for anyone to draw. 

Here's my group so far:
Sunday's Shark: The Spotted Hound Shark
Might make a great pet for those looking for an alternative to a dog. 

 Monday's Shark: The Bull Shark
Not a great alternative pet.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sweet 16!

This month, my parrot Kiwi is celebrating his 16th birthday! I did a few drawings to honor the occasion.

Kiwi is a maroon-bellied conure, who I got from a local pet store when I was a kid. The poor guy was in an open tank where anyone(especially kids), could just grab him. I instantly knew he was the bird for me and I brought him home. He was terrified of hands and it took me a long time to get him to even accept an approaching finger.

Over the years, Kiwi has developed quite a personality. He's extremely protective of me and is generally known for being a grumpy buzzard. He even has an evil chuckle.

I had other birds growing up including a cockatiel named Buddy. Buddy loved to whistle and knew several tunes, but Kiwi never really learned despite my effort to teach him. So Kiwi grew jealous of Buddy and on one occasion, attacked Buddy to get him to stop whistling. And just so everyone knows, Buddy was fine and his feathers did grow back. 

People who whistle are even subject to attack, including myself. He gets really worked up if he hears it--it's very entertaining from a distance. 

 Kiwi isn't afraid of cats. He made this really clear when he attacked my cat Annie when she was a kitten. He grabbed a beakful of her whiskers and pulled. Even now that she's 10 times the size of Kiwi, she's still traumatized of him. I spend more time keeping him away from cats than the other way around. He will go looking for a fight.

 Here's a little summary of things Kiwi considers enemies to my well-being and will attack:
Any person or pet, M&M's, apples, cups, papertowels, tissues, toothbrushes(brushing my teeth can be a tad dangerous), running water in a sink, tv remotes, mustard containers, hats, painted fingernails, mirror reflections(especially his own), clicking pens...really the list goes on. He's quite the guard-bird.

But most of the time he's a sweetheart and adores head scritches, head-bumps, burying himself in the sleeves of my shirts, and gorging himself on bananas and strawberries...

So, Happy Birthday, Kiwi! Here's to the next 16 years.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Huntington Gardens

Today, I went out and visited The Huntington Gardens. I brought an itty-bitty sketchbook along and did a few drawings(they're not even the size of ones hand).

One is of a fascinating bonsai tree and then another of a random tree that was 100 times larger.
Very relaxing and beautiful spot.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Back in December, I took the plunge and adopted a cat. Owning a cat has been on my mind since I graduated and after moving to a new apartment, I visited a local shelter and spotted this itty-bitty puff:

Now a couple months later. Raider is no longer a puff, but a 10 pound gangly goofball: 
He's been the best bud to have around. Plays fetch, hangs upside down off of anything, rolls over for belly rubs and is always stalking me and making the morning/evening feeding routines for both my parrot and him highly entertaining:
 Legs make for especially great prey. Raider has the habit of hiding behind corners and pouncing on me when I pass.

 And just some more doodles of the spaz. He's a pro at tail-hunting.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


With DreamWorks’ “The Croods” opening this weekend, I thought I’d revive the ol’ blog with writing about my experiences on the show.

“The Croods” is my first feature film after graduating from CalArts. I came onboard in January 2011 and after a few weeks of training, I was animating away on a feature film! Some of my first few shots involved Eep climbing up a cliff-face. I was given a little overview by my supervisor about the show and the expectations for the show's animation style(cartoony, but grounded with realistic believability)  and I was extremely excited after hearing about the family, the world, and the creatures! From January 2011 until November 2012, I was animating all kinds of supremely fun shots on the film. I couldn’t feel more proud of everyone involved in the making of  “The Croods.”  Some of my favorite memories involve attending dailies (when animators show their wip work to the directors), and watching the character’s traits/the whole family dynamic really develop.  The crew was constantly discovering new ways to push the animal-like movements on the family members, pushing the physical comedy, and really tapping into the heart-felt moments between the characters. All of which was very inspiring and motivating to a newcomer like me (and intimidating, but I learned so much on every shot)---I’d usually leave dailies very eager to get back to my desk and animate. Congratulations to all of my co-workers across all departments, it’s so exciting that the Crood family is now out for the world to enjoy. I feel very fortunate to have been a member of Team Croods!

I thought it’d be fun to end with some thumbnails. As I plan a shot, 99.9% of the time I do little planning drawings to figure out a course of action. I then use these as a starting point for shooting reference, scouring YouTube for more inspiration, or just diving right into posing the characters out.  This is a collage from a variety of shots I worked on, some ideas stayed, other changed as the shot progressed.