Sunday, March 24, 2013


With DreamWorks’ “The Croods” opening this weekend, I thought I’d revive the ol’ blog with writing about my experiences on the show.

“The Croods” is my first feature film after graduating from CalArts. I came onboard in January 2011 and after a few weeks of training, I was animating away on a feature film! Some of my first few shots involved Eep climbing up a cliff-face. I was given a little overview by my supervisor about the show and the expectations for the show's animation style(cartoony, but grounded with realistic believability)  and I was extremely excited after hearing about the family, the world, and the creatures! From January 2011 until November 2012, I was animating all kinds of supremely fun shots on the film. I couldn’t feel more proud of everyone involved in the making of  “The Croods.”  Some of my favorite memories involve attending dailies (when animators show their wip work to the directors), and watching the character’s traits/the whole family dynamic really develop.  The crew was constantly discovering new ways to push the animal-like movements on the family members, pushing the physical comedy, and really tapping into the heart-felt moments between the characters. All of which was very inspiring and motivating to a newcomer like me (and intimidating, but I learned so much on every shot)---I’d usually leave dailies very eager to get back to my desk and animate. Congratulations to all of my co-workers across all departments, it’s so exciting that the Crood family is now out for the world to enjoy. I feel very fortunate to have been a member of Team Croods!

I thought it’d be fun to end with some thumbnails. As I plan a shot, 99.9% of the time I do little planning drawings to figure out a course of action. I then use these as a starting point for shooting reference, scouring YouTube for more inspiration, or just diving right into posing the characters out.  This is a collage from a variety of shots I worked on, some ideas stayed, other changed as the shot progressed. 

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  1. that is awesome!
    thanks for sharing your experience and thumbnails!
    it's really cool to see your thought process and what it becomes on the big screen :)