Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zoo drawings from awhile ago. The jaguar was particularly proud of this giant bone he had received as his breakfast. He kept carrying it around and leaving it at the very front of the cage. Yum!

Based on a recommendation from a supervisor of mine from work, I went to this really great garden spot near my apartment. Next time I'll try to plan for a better time of year, most of the plants were going dormant. But I bet the place is gorgeous when everything is in bloom. Still got to see(and draw really poor representations of) some pretty sights. I haven't drawn plants in years, so it was interesting venturing back into that. Overall, a very relaxing trip.

And here are some exploratory thumbnails for a project I'm slowly working on(by slow, I mean at a glacial pace). It was something I started during my third year at CalArts, and now that I have a nice bit of time on my hands, I'm revisiting it. Still trying to relearn how to draw Quint, and I'm not satisfied with these, but they were fun to draw nonetheless. Anyways, I'll try to post bits and pieces along the way.