Saturday, February 26, 2011

Girl Scout Sightings

Despite the very chilly temps and rain, the local Girl Scouts were out in force last night while I was out doing some grocery shopping. The girls looked like the younger brother from A Christmas Story(a tick about to pop. Their arms wouldn't really go down too). Anyways, I totally caved and bought a box of thin cookies were consumed while drawing this up; though I can't vouch for the rest of the day.

P.S. While 30-40 degree weather is certainly cold for's not that bad for THAT many layers of clothing. I saw plenty people in flipflops/shorts back in Oregon when this was considered a "high".


  1. Hahaha! We just saw them up here too, they looked exactly like that XD Those kids totally earned a cookie selling badge.. maybe three!

  2. Man, 30 or 40 degrees is considered springtime at this time of year for us in Utah.
    Great sketch. Enjoy the cookies.