Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Travels!

Last week I went home for Thanksgiving---part of my trip involved flying out of LAX. While I waited for my flight to Oregon, I broke out the sketchbook and microns:
Within the first minute of sitting down I spotted this duo---yep, that's a Rubik's cube! He was doing pretty well with the blue rows...never finished before boarding though. She later woke up and attempted the cube too, for about 30 seconds before handing it back to him.

I have this game that I play of, "Guess who else is going to Medford, Oregon." There's a certain type of person that usually fits this mold, and I do my best to figure out who'll be on my flight. It's pretty fun, only on this occasion I was tricked! There was a flight to Portland, Oregon as well and a good chunk of my guesses boarded that flight that left 20 minutes before mine. This fellow was one, I thought he was a Medford local for sure. Horribly stained red shirt and all---he kept circling the terminal while pulling up his pants.
This girl was inhaling a GIANT brownie while intensely staring at me. It was a little unnerving seeing those piercing blue eyes every time I looked up from my page(I wasn't drawing her at the time, I was drawing someone else.)

The rest of the line-up. And that's how I spent my roughly 4 hours at LAX.

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  1. HAHAH!! That little girl is awesome! These are great!! Looks like time well spent at LAX :)